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My Name is Katelyn, and I will be your guide for this journey. I hope that you will join me in experiencing the adventures that food and flavor bring to life.

My Love of food is not just simply in consuming the edible, but I really love the whole experience. From researching recipes, to creating the base recipe, to the food prep, to the actual cooking and seasoning, to the serving and ultimate enjoyment of the meal. It’s really an adventure for me, and I hope that you enjoy sharing in it with me.

I fell in love with food at a young age. We Used to visit my Great Grandmother and she would make the most amazing home made preserves and baked goods and feed us until our tummies wanted to burst. She was always experimenting and making new and exciting things and she would always encourage us to try them, stating that every day was an adventure and the little things could make that adventure very exciting. So we sampled her culinary creations and were always amazed at how she could make the flavors play together, be it a pepper jelly that she had tweaked to make a fruit and pepper preserve (yum!) We had many culinary adventures with her.

As a teen I experimented more and more with flavors and creating food. I had the unique and exciting pleasure of being able to work at a high end Deli and Meat shop after high school. That experience gave me a lot of really unique opportunities to learn about meat and how it was to be treated, as well as how to make various sausages and even seasonings for meats. The Quality and Excellence of the product that we were selling got me even more excited about learning more about food. I wanted to figure out how to make every meal I made more enjoyable to partake in, not only from the consuming of the food, but also in the experience of creating it.

More recently, I had struggled with being ill after eating and was very discouraged by the thing that I held such passion for. If I ate, I felt sick. I have come to discover that I am gluten intolerant and have needed to cut it from my life. I struggled with that because I really felt like I would never be able to love or enjoy food in the same way, that I would be missing out. With some encouragement from a good friend who is a Celiac, and the food blog of an amazing woman named Shauna,  I have come to realize that I can eat without being sick (which is totally amazing, I never thought that would be possible again) and Also that I can still be passionate about food and make great food, without gluten.

I now have made it my goal to regularly choose a recipe and adventure through what makes it great and make something that I know people will really love. It’s sort of making an “Ultimate Recipe” version of the dish. I hope that the recipes I do share will inspire you to make them your own, and have your own Journeys of Joy.