Ingredient Highlight

Steamy and Loving it

                      I love few things more than steamed vegetables. Fresh and flavorful, they melt in your mouth, yet still have a satisfying crunch to the finish. (this all depends on how you like yours steamed, I like a tad bit of life left to mine) […]

Sumptuous Succotash: Corn – Reborn

There is nothing that excites me like a wonderful succotash. The sweet, intoxicating scent of the corn punctuated by the piquant notes of black pepper and vegetables. Such a simple dish to create and enjoy, but it tastes more amazing than you can imagine. I always forget just how good this dish is until I […]

Canned Sauce Blues

Quick, healthy meals are hard to come by, but we can’t spend all day in the kitchen every day. One of my favorite short cuts for an easy italian meal is something that brings a bit of extra life to that often dull canned sauce. My freezer holds a secret that brings a lot of […]

Ingredient Highlight: Green Garlic

I love to explore new ingredients that I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing. I recently started my container garden, and as my garlic has begun growing incredibly quickly, I found I had to ┬átrim it back. The first thing that I noticed about the leaves that I trimmed was their marvelous aroma: A delicate, […]