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That Asian Food Craving: Part 1

Deep down, we all love the “chinese food” from that certain place. We crave it, the crisp veggies and rich flavors. Beef with Broccoli, Cashew Chicken, Lo Mein, Mongolian Beef, Orange Chicken… We love the mixes of sweet and spicy, savory and fresh. Why is it we think that it’s only possible to have these […]

Pot Pie Dreams…

One of the dishes I crave most is pot pie…but not that weird store bought stuff…the creamy, indulgent and flavorful sort that I had once tasted at a restaurant. One brimming with not only flavor, but with colorful vegetables, and yet a mild, soothing, and oh so very satisfying delectable tasty happiness. One of the […]

Soup is for the Soul…

I have often marveled at how soup creates a desire in my soul to savour the moment and to take the time to ponder life. Sometimes I throw together a basic chicken noodle soup merely to bask in the warm of it’s soothing reflective powers. Every bite stirs another look deeper into my very soul. […]

Pizza Sauce Panache

Pizza is one of the world’s most loved foods due to its amazing versatility of flavor. You can add nearly any topping to it to make it something unique and delectable or just make your favorite old stand by. But after you consider toppings, what about the sauce? Do you just add some marinara sauce […]

Soup: Contentment in a Bowl

There are a variety of soups that really speak to me of comfort and emanate warmth into the depths of my body and soul. I love many different types of soup and will share with you many of them over time, but here is one that I am very fond of at the moment. The […]

Canned Sauce Blues

Quick, healthy meals are hard to come by, but we can’t spend all day in the kitchen every day. One of my favorite short cuts for an easy italian meal is something that brings a bit of extra life to that often dull canned sauce. My freezer holds a secret that brings a lot of […]